EPL – Friday….Time to select my team…….

Oh my goodness it is Friday night and it is time to select my team again. Here in the Americas we need to select our squad the night before or get up by 6 to do it, which is the worst thing on a Saturday morning 😛 So many choices……what formation do I use?……..do I spend the points to make extra transfers?…………which keeper?……….why are they telling me NOW that three players are in doubt for Saturday?!?……ugh!!!

The toughest most stressful choice ever……who will I choose to score double points and be my Captain? Inevitably that one will be wrong 😦 But when it isn’t wrong…….and your Captain is the highest scorer on your team (even without the double)……and your bench is all in negative points…..The Glory! The Glory! The Glory!

But it all rides on these choices right now……….Good Luck in Week 2 Everyone!


Will you be buying ‘Super’ Mario Balotelli?

English Premier League fantasy post.

When Super Mario comes to Liverpool will you be buying him for your team? Taking a quick look at his stats on Wikipedia, he has scored over 10 goals a season for the last 3 seasons, and his strike rate increased as he has moved from club to club. Inter 20 gls / 59 matches, Man City 20 gls / 50 matches, Milan 26 gls / 43 matches. Then there is the ‘Balotelli Factor’ a lot of people just do not like him and will not buy him at any price. Whether this hatred is justified or not, I do not know. Personally I find him all kinds of entertaining and love the fact that he is coming to the Prem. But if he is priced at £9mil I am not quite ready to sell off someone like Giroud to pick him up. And if he is more than not, no flippin’ way. Too much. My high end striker hopes are with Diego Costa. Got me some Man Love for that dude 😉

Post me a comment with your thoughts.