NFL – Nomenclature of Fantasy Football

Lately people have been asking me for definitions for all things fantasy football. This game has a whole lexicon unto itself. Here are a few that my sweetie and I put together. If you have any more send them along, we would love to fill out our list.

ADP – Average Draft Position or where in previous drafts each player is taken on average. This gives you an idea about where each player will go in your draft. Be careful, people may reach down and grab someone early especially if that player is a home town favorite. Danny Amendola in the second round wink….wink….. Also a good thing to know about ADP is that most sites that host leagues (like yahoo) use ADP to rank players and anyone auto-drafting will use ADP as the basis for their selection.

Handcuff – To handcuff a player is to stash your fantasy star’s real life back-up on your bench and if your star goes down you have the next best thing ready to go. A very popular player to handcuff this year is Stephen Jackson. His handcuff is Devaonta Freeman. Jackson is seen as injury prone due to being in the latter years of his career and Freeman is the Young Gun chomping at the bit. It is not a strategy I have ever used but I can see why someone may choose to do it.

PPR – Point per Reception. Some leagues award fantasy points for every reception a player gets in a game (for reception definition keep reading). This changes the values players may have due to the numbers of points they can accumulate. A player that catches a lot of passes but does not get a lot of yards is now worth a lot more. Running backs who catch more passes than they get carries (like Danny Woodhead and Darren Sproles) are worth quite a bit more as well. A Full Point PPR gives you one point per reception where in a Half Point PPR you get half a point for every reception.

Waivers or the Waiver Wire or jut the Wire – is where you can find players that are not on any fantasy owner’s roster. These are players that can be added to your roster if you wish to grab them. A player on the wire is either a free agent or needs to clear waivers. A free agent can be added to your roster at any time where a player still on waivers requires a claim to be made and you must wait for waivers to clear before you know if the player is now yours. See my previous post about waivers for more info.

Bell Cow – is a running back that is going to get by far the majority of carries for their respective NFL team. As opposed to a back that has to share duties in the back field with another RB. Toby Gerhart is Jacksonville’s bell cow. He is going to get a lot of touches with Jacksonville and due to the volume of work his numbers should be quite nice for your team. Giving him a decent ADP.

Here are a few terms that are used in both the real game of football as well as the fantasy game.

Snaps are the number of plays that a player participates in during a game. Comes from being on the field for the snap of the ball to begin a play. A player with more snaps has participated in more plays and has a greater opportunity to score fantasy points.

Targets is the number of times a player was targeted by a Quarter Back to receive a pass. A target is determined when a ball is thrown at a player, whether it is caught or not. This lets us know how man opportunities in a game a player had to catch the ball.

Carries is the number of times a player was handed the ball by a quarter back or direct snap and then proceeded to run with it in an attempt to gain yardage. We love backs with a lot of carries, you will notice that wide receivers will have the occasional carry as well.

Receptions – is the number of times a player has received a forward pass, usually from a quarter back but not always.

Red Zone – is the part of the football field between the 20 yard line and the end zone. There is one located at each end of the field. Once a team’s offense gets here they’re expected to score. I have yet to see one that is actually red.

We hope you find these helpful 🙂