NFL – Week 1 is finally here! Let us set our line-ups………

It has finally arrived! Sunday of Week 1! The Fantasy Mestre is psyched beyond comprehension!

It is a little before 11 am when I am writing this and will be covering how to set our line ups. There are a lot of details to pay attention to when setting your line-up. The most important thing to remember is that players are locked into a spot in your line-up (or on your bench) as soon as their game starts. Players playing at 1 are locked in at 1 but late game players do not get locked in until later. A great example of this goes along with this week’s Injury Alert and it is Arizona RB Andre Ellington. Ellington has a foot injury, was limited in yesterday’s practice, and is listed as questionable to play. The kicker is (no pun intended) Zona does not play until Monday. What are the Ellington owner’s options here? Of course we can leave him in and take our chances on whether he plays or gives us a zero, but since Ellington was drafted mostly as an RB1 then the risk of a zero is scary bad. Option two is to sub him now and go for the sure points from a back-up. If you have someone like Shane Vereen coming in off the bench this may work well for you but if not then you could be throwing away valuable points when Ellington blows up on your bench. Finally there is option 3 which is a variation of option 1. Leave Ellington in but stash his back-up Jon Dwyer on your bench. This allows you to wait until the last second for the high end play of Ellington but to also have the security of a starter in your back pocket in case Ellington is ruled out. Since Dwyer is not widely owned there is a good chance of a Free Agent pick-up.

Remember the basic rule to setting a line-up……..Play your best players! Do not get too crazy by sitting a better player because last year the defense he is playing today was 13th best against the pass rather than the defense playing your back-up being 17th best against the pass. Just play the better guy.

Have fun today and good luck!

Fantasy Mestre
Twitter: @FantasyMestre


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