The Waiver Wire

Hello everyone! I set up this new blog to help the Newbies in the fantasy football league I commish, the Avention Geeky Fantasy League.

In this first post we will discuss the Waiver Wire. The waiver wire is used to give everyone a fair chance to evaluate available players before being able to add them to your team. You will notice that after the draft or after teams have played a regular season game all of the non-rostered players will be put on Waivers with a date that waiver will end. In that waiver period anyone can place a claim on a player. The team with the lowest waiver rank (as seen on league standings table) will win the player. The winning team will receive the player and then be given the highest waiver rank moving all other teams down a spot. Very simple 🙂

Another time a player will be put on waivers is after that player has been dropped from a roster. Then other teams can swoop in and make a grab.

Waiver periods in this league last two days and if a player has not been claimed in that time then they become a ‘free agent’ and can be added to a roster based in ‘first come, first served’.

If you have any questions about waivers or anything else fantasy football related feel free to send them my way.


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